Who We Are

Blue Kite Tuition is a professional agency for bespoke academic tuition based in Brighton and Hove.

Our tutors pride themselves on having a personal touch that extends beyond helping to secure top grades and school placements. We understand the immense value of mentoring young people, so that they can achieve their ambitions and grow in confidence. We know how important tutor and pupil relationships can be, and that our tutors should be main figures for support and guidance throughout academic and personal challenges.

We only represent tutors with excellent credentials who have great knowledge of local and national examinations. Pupils have secured places at Sussex’s leading independent and grammar schools.

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The Market

There are many different routes that a parent can take when finding a personal tutor for their child and this can be both a blessing and a worry. Large agencies can be daunting when looking for that much needed ‘personal touch’. Websites where tutors post online profiles can be, in the words of a parent, a ‘minefield’. Among these national agencies and personal profiles there are potentially talented and well-matched tutors – but there are also many unsuited individuals and it can be an uncomfortable experience to have to find this out.

Parents will ask me, ‘how do I know who will be the right tutor for my child?’ ‘How can I ask for and verify credentials?’ ‘How do I know where to start?’ We know exactly how to begin the careful process of selection and  then how to carry this forward, so that pupils build a relationship with their tutor which develops their learning skills and approaches alongside marked academic progression.

Blue Kite Tuition grew through personal recommendation and from a desire to provide an altogether different experience to hunting the internet for a ‘needle in haystack’.

Blue Kite Tuition is purposefully small in size but big on trust and recommendation. There aren’t hundreds of tutors on our books, but a select Sussex team, all of whom have successful careers in education and tutoring.

Find out more about the skills, credentials and vetting requirements of our tutors on our Tutor Page.