Academic Assessments

Academic Assessments are undertaken with a specialist teacher . This begins with an initial introduction to establish pupil learning preferences and self-esteem levels. All Blue Kite Academic Assessments are followed with a detailed written report, which independently appraises a pupil’s capabilities and recommends an appropriate  course of learning.

Our Academic Assessment builds a thorough picture of pupil strength and weaknesses that goes beyond the standard test papers used at home or in schools. The detail gleamed from these diagnostic assessments helps Blue Kite to make effective pupil and tutor matches. Reports may also help to ascertain whether a pupil needs tuition at all or can be used as a mark of attainment to inform home help or school transition choices .

Blue Kite Assessment


  • Neales Analysis of Reading Ability and short written Exercise

This is the main diagnostic test used to establish a Standardised Score in Reading and Writing. Therefore, it is the most comprehensive and frequently used assessment for prospective entrance examination pupils.


  • Hodder and Hodder. Arithmetic and Problem Solving 
Mathematics Competency Test
Our Maths Assessments can be undertaken by pupils 6-18 years. The Competency Test produces a workable ‘skills profile’ which can be used by tutors, teachers and parents to help support pupil progress

For GCSE and A-level pupils these assessments are usually replaced by school  ‘predicted results’ grades.

What is the value of a formal assessment?
  • Our assessments are used to save valuable time for both teacher and pupil. They are a transparent and accredited method of establishing attainment.
  • All assessments have the capacity to be repeated with different questions at interim points of the tuition progress – progress can be tangibly seen.
  • All our assessments are followed by close analysis that identifies next steps and further recommended materials for reading, writing and mathematics (for home and tutor). We don’t believe in tests for tests sake!
  • Many of our assessments are carried out to establish abilities in comparison to age related expectations and use standardised scoring. These are the ideal precursor to 7+, 11+ and 13+ preparations.
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    All assessments are the most up to date available, are in-line with current educational research and are reviewed frequently for their suitability.