Residential Tuition

In some cases it is more suitable for families to request the services of a full-time tutor for one or more of their children. If you are thinking of the best way to avoid gaps in your child’s education, support and extend them measurably from home, are planning on or have recently returned from travels and would like to consider a tutor for school holiday learning or home schooling/tutoring, then a residential tutor is just what you are looking for.

Pupils and families relocating from abroad, or other areas of the UK, will often seek advice on how to best integrate and prepare their children for Sussex’s fantastic independent schools…a residential tutor is a lifeline in helping parents and children set themselves up for a great start, whatever time of the year. We know the area very well and we know how to use the people, places and facilities of our locality to enhance pupil learning and integration.

A great residential tutor will have vast subject knowledge, be highly organised, wonderfully creative, empathetic, good humoured and excellent at building relationships that last. Residential tuition produces remarkable results; children are able to make excellent progress and their confidence soars. Parents and pupils will often talk of the transformative effect of residential tuition as pupils can be immersed in a supportive learning environment that plays to their learning styles and strengths.

The Details

Tutors requested for residential roles can be done so on a live-in or live-out basis. In all instances an individual contract and terms are put together by Blue Kite in careful liaison with parent/s.

No residential placement is the same but tutors usually work between 20-35 hours a week and can be available for short-term or long-term employment. They are either experienced full-time teachers (holiday role) or are professional residential tutors.

Some describe residential tuition as ‘intensive’, and it is true that the amount of revision and material covered is thorough. However, Blue Kite residential tutors deliver bespoke programmes that take into account the ‘whole child’ or siblings, so that the intensity of learning is balanced. Working between 4-6 hours per day, tutors can deliver traditional subjects integrated with creative, physical and general supervision. Outside of these contact hours Blue Kite Tutors are busy planning, marking and assessing…ready for the next fun and personalised day.


Our rates for residential tuition are negotiated between us and the tutor, but will cover a normal working day of tuition and all the tutor’s teaching materials. Reasonable expenses such as travel and accommodation must also be covered by the client. Please do contact us to discuss your requirements


Contact Blue Kite founder Madelaine Berlin who can guide you on this decision from both a personal and professional point of view having been a residential tutor herself.

Residential Tutors
  • A placement for between 1 to 8 weeks of the school holidays to help with competitive school entrance examination, assessment preparation or bespoke mentoring and personalised teaching programmes.
  • A tutor to accompany a family on their holiday.
  • Placements for between schools or home schooling programmes.
  • Educated nanny or ‘manny’ professionals for families needing a tutor that can take on a sole caring role, in addition to providing lessons or educational activities (these tutors have care qualifications as standard)